1. To provide support to those experiencing the traumatic impact of miscarriage.

2.  To educate and promote awareness about Indiana House Bill 1190 – Treatment of Miscarried Remains.

3.  To help parents understand their choices concerning the final disposition of their baby’s fetal remains.

4.  To offer information and resources on how to provide an individual burial for fetal remains less than twenty (20) weeks gestation.

5.  To assist parents locate the services of a license funeral director and/or cemetery in their area that offers free and/or low cost services for the final disposition of fetal remains.  

6.  To help the grieving parent’s family, friends, co-workers, employer, church and/or community know what to say and what to do to support the needs of the parents after a miscarriage.

Miscarriage, Mothers & Others

Providing information about miscarriage to mothers and others who grieve the loss of an unborn child.”

A Baby Is A Person - No Matter How Small