Although, Indiana’s HB 1190- Treatment of Miscarried Remains, requires hospitals, birthing centers, and medical facilities to inform parents both orally and in writing, about their right to determine the final disposition of their miscarried baby’s fetal remains, there is no requirement for the medical staff to become involved is assisting parents who desire to provide an individual burial for their baby’s fetal remains.

To help parents who are overwhelmed with heartache and grief, Miscarriage, Mothers & Others offers information and resources about individual burial options for a miscarried baby less than 20 weeks gestation.  It also offers guidance for the parent(s) family, friends, community and co-workers who want to support the parents, but who don’t know what to do or what to say.

Miscarriage, Mothers & Others’ volunteers are not professional counselors, however, they are deeply compassionate professionals, who share a common commitment to gently guide parents through the burial process.  A license funeral director will be required to obtain the required burial transit documents.   Some funeral directors and cemeteries will provide their services at no charge or at a low cost for infant burials.


Our ability to maintain this website; to provide information and resources; first year bereavement support literature; and burial vessels, is solely based on donations.  For more information on how you can support Miscarriage, Mothers and Others’ contact:

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Miscarriage, Mothers & Others

Providing information about miscarriage to mothers and others who grieve the loss of an unborn child.”

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